maat International as early as in Novembre 2022 as it´s registered at fulfilling the following obligations:

The maat International technological strategy is articulated on a Layered Architecture, which takes advantage of the most advanced information and communication technologies to increase its operational efficiency and optimize the quality of its services

  1. maat International Token Platform Layer is completely decupled from Infrastructure Layer
  2. In this way, it will perfectly possible to execute against differents infrastructures
  3. This Scheme will allow sensitive effort savings when adding other infrastructures
  4. Furthermore, this Scheme will allow us to integrate whith third parties, or third parties integrate with us. For instance, from or towards other prestigious Platforms (any reputed CORE BANKING) being ever the Platform Layer the integration point, never the Infrastructure Layer either the SDK Layer
  5. Just as the Infrastructure Layer can be changed or added, so can the SDK Layer. We currently use two of our Own Platforms for solve this needs, bcause the joined action of both provive entire and optimal functionalities for this
  6. However, this Scheme alows to work whith different SDKs. For instance, we can integrate NODEJS like one of the most reputed Industry Standard fot its abilities to connect with different SQL and NON-SQL predicates

maat International Token is a Platform able to designing, creating, deploying, configuring and managing "state of the art" digital hybrid cryptoassets

maat International Token Platform provides a safe vehicle to access any industry that protects the wealth of the Professional Investors to whom it is addressed, in accordance with the regulation of the European Directive MIFIID2

maat International Token Platform set out to bring back a three huge issues:

  1. Stable, debt-free store of value to the global monetary system taking advantage of QUANTUM Ledger “state of the art” Technology Infrastructure
  2. Supported by traditional Corporate Finance -securitization- as a Insurance Wrap structure to avoid any risk or unsafety.
  3. Provides the performance of payments technology backed by Prime Financial Institutions

This Model ensures the orchestrated provision of technological services, guaranteeing a controlled environment where all its components work in an integrated, harmonious, organized and safe manner.

The adoption of this Model has allowed maat International to guarantee efficient deployment and ready as an instance, allowing comprehensive management depending on the Organization and the Asset in question in each case.

  • By way of analogy, we can say that an instance could be understood as the equivalent of a "virtual replica" of a "Seed System"
  • Thanks to the advantages provided by the Cloud Computing Model, does not need to be "copied or reinstalled" in opportunity of each new deployment and therefore manage all the DAOs from a single delocalized administration
  • It means a substantial increase in the optimization of resources,
  • It means too, a significant saving in operating costs
  • And a formidable warehouse of consolidated data able to being transformed into information of huge wealth in terms of analysis of patterns and behaviors, key to intelligent and timely decision-making

The Admin User Role will have a full functional toolset to carry out the management and administration of their hybrid digital assets with maximum guarantees

The Investment process is not only secured by the underlying infrastructure, but also, adds a digital signature and a controlled payment procedure that will allow the Investors to manage their operations with full guarantee

The Investor may manage as many Wallets as required. By accessing each of his Wallets, the Investor will have a consolidated view of his Tokens deposited, with their corresponding particular balance.

Likewise, the Investor will also have available a historical analytical view drill&down kind, where you can analyze the composition of the balance of the selected Token

The Platform has a completely dedicated ERP that offers detailed and related registration of all movements operated: Contract, Billing, Payments and Document Manager

Deployment in Action - Demo Video